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Welcome to Cut's Corner!

Hey, so I decided to make this silly strip revolving around the character Cut Man from the classic CAPCOM game "Mega Man", having his own TV show of sorts. Cut Man's notable for having a bit of an ego, as well as making puns that could make anyone shrug. Perfect candidate for a comic. The comic intends to update on a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule, but it's main purpose moreso is simply to see if I can get someone a quick laugh while having some fun myself making comic pages. Hopefully, you'll enjoy. If not, feel free to send me your hate mail :P If you do like it, though? I don't know, keep reading it or something, shamelessly favorite it, devote your life to it, the usual

September 18th, 2016, 12:05 am

Calling All Background Characters!

Sorry about the slow week folks, it was a busy one for me so updating didn't exactly pan out as I had wanted! But in any case....

Here's a bit of an announcement in regards for Cut's Corner. For reasons that don't necessarily mean anything too much, I've figured that Cut's Corner has been a bit contained in perspective, so I want to try getting more gags "outside", in the actual world of Cut's Corner and not just Wily Castle/Basic room/whateverelse. Of course, with the idea of bringing in more public places, I need actual people to put in those places to show up in the background. Essentially, what I'm asking for is that if you, yes you, happen to have any 8-bit Classic-styled Mega Man Robot Masters laying around anywhere, why not sneak it in a background portion of a Cut's Corner panel? I should clarify that this doesn't really mean your characters will have any starring roles or interaction from the main cast, but sometimes having a blatant cameo can be fun! Maybe!

If it's something that interests you, please feel free to send your sprites through personal messaging, and of course you'll be credited for showing up if that's what you so desire. This is something that I couldn't possibly imagine would have any cons towards you, because you know it probably doesn't and if it does, it shouldn't. If there's any notes that you'd like to send as well (Ex: This character doesn't like water, so don't have him in a beach), then allow that to accompany your sprite in the personal message! And I should mention that if there's anything in my explanation that doesn't make sense, because I kinda worded this horribly, please go ahead and ask and I'll do my best to answer. I thank you for reading this, and with any luck I'll have enough readers to at least get one thing sent in! :D

Note: This was originally posted in Sprite's Inc so the audience of this post will be different, but note that I'm asking for fan Robot Master sprites, not concepts. I'm not going to sprite your character for you, pal. :P

April 28th, 2016, 11:26 pm

Well, um....Woopsie?

Unfortunately, this news post might be a little short on details so please excuse me for not going into depth here. As you may have noticed, updates have started to become inconsistent around here, due in part to my faulty planning and my PC's declining condition >_> However, around yesterday's night, my computer finally decided to walk that green mile and crash for the last time on me. As you could understand, this'll halt Cut's Corner for a while until I finally go out to spend cash on a replacement. Sorry for this inconvenience, but hopefully, the existing 122 pages will continue to entertain?

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